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Our ambassadors defend the values we strive for


Meet our ambassadors

Belgian film director and screenwriter.

Debut feature film, Girl, wan the Caméra d’Or and the Queer Palm awards at the 2018 Cannes Film Festival.

Second feature film, Close, wan the Grand Prix, and was nominated for the Oscar’s for Best International Feature Film.

Why Lukas Dhont supports Forbidden Colours:

“For me, Forbidden Colours is a way to support a cause that is very close to my heart. An ambition to support initiatives that can make a change. A desire for equality.”

Lukas is also a member of the steering committee at the Fund Forbidden Colours at the King Baudouin Foundation.

Belgian LGBTIQ+ activist

Long-term LGBTIQ+ activist in Belgium

At the cradle of the introduction of the law on automatic co-parenting

Why Leonie Nelissen supports Forbidden Colours:

“In recent years, the laws for which our community has fought so hard, have been under increasing pressure. It is important that we, together with our allies and sympathisers, guard and defend our rights. I am proud to be an ambassador of Forbidden Colours, an initiative that aims to support projects that promote the well-being and empowerment of the LGBTIQ+ community. Together we can send out a strong message.”

Leonie is also a member of the steering committee at the Fund Forbidden Colours at the King Baudouin Foundation.

Professor, Belgian-British microbiologist

Pioneering researcher into AIDS & Ebola.

Held key positions in the United Nations and World Health Organization involving AIDS research and management.

Appointed to the European Commission’s advisory panel on COVID-19

Why Peter Piot supports Forbidden Colours:

“Every human being has the right to a life in full respect, and without discrimination and stigma. Not enough organisations are standing up for LGBTIQ+ rights, which are under threat in numerous societies. Forbidden Colours has been playing an important and much needed role a European level.”

Belgian entrepreneur & marketing manager RBFA

Specialized in marketing & communications with expertise in content, digital marketing, press, campaigns and brand strategy for different industries. Sharing his entrepreneurial skills via Would Be Chef, Wijn Ornelis, Silenro Publishers and numerous other clients. 

Why Michaël Schockaert supports Forbidden Colours:

I truly believe that together we can make a difference in the world towards equality for everyone. Especially the human rights of LGBTIQ+ people are in need of extra attention and care at this moment. As a community, we should join forces more and use our drive and connections to explain that those belonging to the LGBTIQ+ communities are no threat, but also just people in search of a good life.

Former Belgian Basketball Player

5 Year Long European Player of the Year by La Gazzetta dello Sport

In 2005, the only European player in the WNBA’s All-Star Team


Why Ann Wauters supports Forbidden Colours:

“I am honoured and enthusiastic about becoming an ambassador for Forbidden Colours. In my personal journey, I have been fortunate to experience unwavering acceptance and support from my family, friends and teammates in the different basketball teams I played for, regarding my homosexuality and the life I share with my wife and our kids.

This has made me acutely aware of the privileges I enjoy today, earned through the struggles and sacrifices of those who fought for LGBTIQ+ rights.

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Many people : one
team one purpose

We are individuals with various professional responsibilities and combine our expertise, our experience and our social networks for the benefit of Forbidden Coulours.

Our purpose is to create a better world for LGBTIQ+ people in which they can live in freedom with self-respect and dignity.

The Forbidden Colours’ Ambassadors are a group of like-minded people who voluntarily strive to attain the same goal by putting their individual interests aside and without any kind of financial benefits.