For diversity, equity and inclusion at the workplace

Why Forbidden Colours

Everybody deserves a welcoming workplace

Forbidden Colours works with the corporate world to create a more diverse, equal and inclusive workplace. We give trainings, keynotes and develop projects to raise awareness to the issues of the LGBTIQ+ community within the company.

We also develop ‘corporate social responsibility’-projects about LGBTIQ+ rights together with the corporate world. This helps companies to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals.


Deloitte volunteered for LGBTIQ+ equality in schools

Deloitte Belgium cooperated with Forbidden Colours in 2022 to support a social research project on the situation of the LGBTIQ+ community in Brussels.

Volunteers of Deloitte’s GLOBE-network received an ‘LGBTIQ+ allyship’-training by Forbidden Colours, and visited schools in Brussels to ask pupils to participate in the ‘School Equality Map’.

Achieve the Sustainable Development Goals

Forbidden Colours offers tailor-made diversity, equity & inclusion consultancy for both multinationals and SMEs.

From our ‘ABC of LGBTIQ+’-training to leadership keynotes by our board members on their struggle to the top of the business world as a member of the LGBTIQ+ community, our partners appreciate our contribution to a more pleasant workplace a lot.