What we stand for

We empower LGBTI people to fully live their lives in freedom with self-respect and dignity

We’re only as strong as the sum of all the people supporting us

Forbidden Colours collects and raises funds to support organizations with whom we carefully select projects that help LGBTI people to fully live their lives in freedom with self-respect and dignity in Europe.

Forbidden Colours is a NPO linked to a fund managed by the King Baudouin Foundation, the major Belgian public benefit foundation, whose mission it is to contribute to a better society.

real projects for
real people

We support concrete initiatives selected through calls for projects or specific and urgent requests from recognised and active associations in the field.

Organisations wishing to receive our funding will be requested to report to the King Baudouin Foundation on the relevance of their project and the actual use of donations in accordance with the purpose of Forbidden Colours.

We guarantee a fair use of donations.

Forbidden Colours impacts four different domains

Forbidden Colours supports educational projects aimed at creating awareness amongst young people about sexual identity in order to preclude discriminatory behaviour.

We also support initiatives ensuring that LGBTI people have the right to follow their own study choices without having to overcome hurdles based on their sexual identity.

Forbidden Colours supports projects that provide assistance to LGBTI people having been rejected by their family, community or country.

Sexual identity is still an important factor of rejection. Help is offered to those who are being excluded to enable them to live their lives with respect and to integrate them into society.

Forbidden Colours supports projects aimed at informing LGBTI people about behaviours that may have an impact on their health.

Forbidden Colours also stands up against any form of discrimination based on people’s health status.

Forbidden Colours supports projects aimed at obtaining equal rights at work. Being LGBTI is still too often a career-blocking factor. Certain professional environments or jobs do not allow LGBTI people to out themselves.

We seek to ensure that anyone can grow professionally on the basis of skills and motivation irrespective of sexual identity.