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The threat posed by the anti-LGBTIQ+ movement is growing in Europe. In the last years, Poland had ‘LGBT-free zones’. Hungary enforced anti-LGBTIQ+ laws. Italy removed lesbian mothers from their children’s birth certificates. Hate speech and disinformation on LGBTIQ+ people spread in Europe.


These anti-LGBTIQ+ movements are strengthening. Our rights are in danger.

For five years, Forbidden Colours has been at the forefront of the fight. We have created the largest human rights case against Hungary’s ‘anti-LGBT propaganda’ law. We have worked to put Russian anti-LGBTIQ+ oligarchs on sanction lists. We have supported Italian activists confronted with the rise of a conservative far-right government.

We are fighting every day to ensure that your basic human rights are protected.

But we are losing the battle. And without your donation, we will not be able to pursue the fight.


The threat is spreading fast.

Help us stop it. Protect your rights.

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