Advocating for an inclusive Europe

Why Forbidden Colours

We strive for a Europe free of hatred and bigotry

Forbidden Colours advocates for positive change in LGBTIQ+ rights at the highest levels of government, at the European and national levels.

We use our extensive network at the European institutions, and in several member states of the EU, to address the backlashes on LGBTIQ+ rights. With our media contacts across the world, we expose anti-LGBTIQ+ initiatives. By putting pressure through the media, we were able to put several cases higher on the political agenda.

Our advocacy in the media

Forbidden Colours has been a leading organisation in increasing the political attention to anti-LGBTIQ+ initiatives through the media.

We revealed cases such as the anti-LGBTIQ+ propaganda law in Hungary, an anti-LGBTIQ+ education reform in Poland and the needs of LGBTIQ+ persons fleeing Russia’s war with Ukraine in the international media.

We focus on the interlinkage between LGBTIQ+ rights and democratic security

By closely monitoring the geopolitical forces behind state-sponsored anti-LGBTIQ+ campaigns, Forbidden Colours was able to expose several European governments for scapegoating the LGBTIQ+ community as a deception for their anti-democracy campaigns.

We help organisations from all over the world to advocate more successfully at the European Union institutions and, for example, also works with local partners on the EU Global Human Rights Sanction Regime.