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Fund Forbidden Colours (FFC) Privacy Declaration

The Fund Forbidden Colours of course complies with the privacy legislation in this area.
You can find out below what this means in practice.

1. How does the FFC collect personal data?

  1. The FFC only collects personal data that you give us yourself or that third parties give us in the context of a service requested by them (e.g. in the context of an application form)

2. What personal data does the FFC process?

  1. The FFC only collects the personal data needed to carry out a service requested by you (or by a third party).
  2. Depending on the service that you request from the FFC, we collect different types of personal data, which we of course limit to what is strictly necessary. For the services requested from the FFC that are listed below, we need the following data to provide you with an appropriate service:
  1. To subscribe for an event:
    Surname/first name/e-mail/street/house number/postcode/municipality
  2. To make a donation online:
    Amount/surname/first name/e-mail/street/house number/postcode/municipality
    Via our payment partner Ingenico: bank card or credit card number / expiry date / bank card holder
  3. To subscribe for a general or themed e-news:
    surname/name/email address
  4. To submit an application form:
  1. Information about the project: content/timing/budget
  2. Information about the organisation: name/date of incorporation/national registration number/telephone number/legal status/address of registered office
  3. Financial information: Name of bank/IBAN bank account number/BIC Code
  4. Information about the contact person for the organisation:
    title/surname/first name/e-mail
  5. Information about the person responsible for the project:
    title/surname/first name/e-mail

3. When and why does the FFC process personal data?

  1. The FFC collects and processes your data to provide the requested services.
  2. The FFC only processes these data in certain situations:
  1. if you have explicitly given your permission for this;
  2. or, if it is necessary to process the data in order to provide a service you have requested (e.g. your address to send an application form or your bank account number to pay out financial support);
  3. or, if it is necessary in the public interest or for a legitimate purpose (e.g. displaying organisations and persons who have received financial support on our website);

4. How does the FFC treat personal data?

  1. Data about persons who are minors and sensitive personal data (e.g. health information or bank account numbers) are always treated as confidential and never made public.
  2. Your data are only used for the service you have requested (unless the conditions described in the paragraph above are met):
  1. For example, if you subscribe for one or more newsletters, we will only use your details to send you these newsletters. Every newsletter also gives you the opportunity to unsubscribe.
  1. We never pass on your contact details to third parties for commercial purposes.
  2. We only share your personal data with people providing services to the FFC where this is necessary to provide the service in question (e.g. when making a donation we work with the Foundation King Baudouin donation page)
  3. We do not sell any personal data to third parties or pass on data to third parties.

5. How long does the FFC keep personal data?

  1. The FFC undertakes to keep your data for no longer than is necessary for the provision of our services within the context for which we collected the data:
  1. For event subscriptions: only for monitoring of the event itself (and subsequently sending publications about the event), for 2 years
  2. For subscriptions to newsletters: indefinite
  3. For subscriptions to projects: indefinite
  4. For general inquiries: IP Address through tracking / targeting / publicity cookies : 14 months

6. Does the FFC keep my personal data safe?

  1. Your data are processed in a way that is safe. We therefore use various security technologies and measures to protect your data from unauthorised access, use, loss or publication. These technologies and measures are tested on a regular basis and updated if necessary.
  2. The FFC works with a specialised security partner to make the websites and all other servers secure.
  3. If any incident should nevertheless arise involving your data, you will be personally informed under the circumstances stipulated by law.
  4. The number of collaborators who have access to your data is very limited. These carefully selected collaborators are only given access to your personal data insofar as they need that information to carry out their work appropriately so that the services you have requested can be provided
  5. When we do share personal data with external parties (e.g. when making an online donation), a processing agreement is concluded which always includes adequate (technical) measures to guarantee the security of your data.

7. What can I do about my own personal data?

  1. If you want to update any of your contact details, you can do that by mail :
  2. You have the right to be ‘forgotten’. To request this, please write us :
  3. If you consider that your data have been handled incorrectly, you can submit a complaint to the Privacy Commission.
  4. You own the right of access to obtain records of your personal information (SAR).

9. Cookie policy

  1. The FFC uses cookies to make your browsing experience on its website easier and more pleasant and to match the content better to your needs and preferences. You can find a note on our cookie policy on our website.

10. If you have any further questions or concerns: