Allow all LGBTI people to live in freedom with self-respect and dignity

Why Forbidden Colours

Each love has its own colour which no one has the right to erase

Our name is inspired by the hidden flag organization, an international group of LGBTI activists exposing the rainbow flag in countries where our community is heavily repressed, by wearing coloured football shirts.

A life without the freedom to love and live as you are born, is a life without colours. We stand up against any kind of repression, discrimination and exclusion of LGBTI people so that their sexual orientation is no longer a restraint.

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Is your LGBTI orientation an issue for yourself or those around you?

We want all LGBTI people to be able to get up every morning feeling it is okay to be who they are. But what we want is far removed from reality because too many still face discrimination or exclusion because of their sexual orientation.

Please join our movement, check out our actions and support us.

Forbidden Colours impacts four different domains

Forbidden Colours supports educational projects aimed at creating awareness amongst young people about sexual identity in order to preclude discriminatory behaviour.

We also support initiatives ensuring that LGBTI people have the right to follow their own study choices without having to overcome hurdles based on their sexual identity.

Forbidden Colours supports projects that provide assistance to LGBTI people having been rejected by their family, community or country.

Sexual identity is still an important factor of rejection. Help is offered to those who are being excluded to enable them to live their lives with respect and to integrate them into society.

Forbidden Colours supports projects aimed at informing LGBTI people about behaviours that may have an impact on their health.

Forbidden Colours also stands up against any form of discrimination based on people’s health status.

Forbidden Colours supports projects aimed at obtaining equal rights at work. Being LGBTI is still too often a career-blocking factor. Certain professional environments or jobs do not allow LGBTI people to out themselves.

We seek to ensure that anyone can grow professionally on the basis of skills and motivation irrespective of sexual identity.

Hosted by the King Baudouin Foundation

Forbidden Colours is the first LGBTI fund hosted by the King Baudouin Foundation, founded in 1976 by the late King of the Belgians, Baudouin.

The selection and follow-up of projects is carefully implemented by the Management Committee composed of the representatives of the King Baudouin Foundation, the founders of Forbidden Colours and 3 external advisers.

Every donation of at least “40€” is tax deductable.

The King Baudouin Foundation offers you the possibility to designate the Forbidden Colours fund as your legatee.