Forbidden Colours applauds European Council standing up for LGBTIQ-equality

First step towards EUCO defending LGBTIQ+ Rights in Hungary.

Yesterday, the European Council discussed the controversial anti-LGBTIQ law in Hungary. Commissioner Didier Reynders announced that The European Commission will go to Court when the law is being implemented. 
Forbidden Colours, a Belgium-based Europe-wide fund for LGBTIQ-equality, applauds the 24 heads of government siding on the right side of history.

Forbidden Colours’ Executive Director, Rémy Bonny: “Yesterday was a historic evening for equality in the European Union. For the first time, many heads of government said fiercely no to bigotry and attacks on the fundamental rights of European citizens. This is a momentum for LGBTIQ-equality across the European Union.”

“The road to real freedom of LGBTIQ-people is still long but the momentum created Yesterday, must be interpreted as a tipping point. The Commission and Member States must work hand in hand now. The announcement of Commissioner Reynders to take Hungary to Court when the law is being implemented is good news but we must continue on this path to take away more discriminatory legislation for the LGBTIQ-community in the European Union.”

“Forbidden Colours is ready to assist the European Commission and European Council in their work for LGBTIQ-equality.”