Forbidden Colours welcomes legal action against Hungary & Poland

Infringement procedure for anti-LGBTIQ+ policies

On July 15, the European Commission announced that they will take legal action against Poland and Hungary for their anti-LGBTIQ+ actions of the last years. Rémy Bonny, political scientist and executive director of Forbidden Colours, welcomes the announcement. 

The legal actions by the European Commission entail an infringement procedure concerning the recently adopted anti-LGBTIQ+ propaganda law and the in January announced cover disclaimer for books containing LGBTIQ+ content by the Hungarian government. Concerning Poland, the European Commission is suing the government for the existence of “LGBTI-ideology Free Zones”. 
Find the entire press release by the European Commission here.

Rémy Bonny, executive director of Forbidden Colours: “The first time we demanded infringement against Poland for their LGBTI-ideology Free Zones was two years ago. The reaction of the Commission was very slow. But better late than never. We welcome this development very much.” 

Bonny continues: “A Europe without values is not worthy to be called a Union. LGBTIQ+ people pay taxes like everybody else. We should all be treated as equal within our Union. LGBTIQ+ people will never be silenced anymore in Europe.