European Commission stops Recovery Fund for Polish ‘LGBT Free Zones’

European action against Polish ‘LGBTIQ+ Free Zones’

In a letter sent on September 3, the European Commission announces that it puts the REACT-EU funds on hold of the 5 provinces in Poland that declared themselves so-called ‘LGBTI Ideology Free Zones’.

The European Commission in its letter says: “The Commission would like to stress that declaring LGBTIQ- free/unwelcome territories, workplace or services constitutes an action that is against the values set out in Article 2 of the Treaty on European Union. Therefore, we will put on hold the REACT-EU programme amendments in relation to your regional operational programmes.”

Download the entire letter here.


Rémy Bonny, Executive Director Forbidden Colours (a Brussels-based LGBTIQ fund focussing on the EU): “We applaud the European Commission for finally taking the necessary steps in safeguarding its European citizens. There is no place for discrimination in a European Union based on common values and human rights. The Polish government must be held accountable for their anti-democracy and anti-human rights policies.”

“I hope that the money in the end can still go to the Polish people. The discriminatory policies of the Polish ruling party PiS hurt Poland. I hope the actions of the European Commission can initiate change in Poland. Polish citizens don’t deserve to be punished for their government’s atrocities. It’s up to the Polish civil society now the initiate this change so the money can eventually still go to those who deserve it: the Polish citizens.”

“While the European Commission is tough on the Polish government, it needs to financially support Polish pro-human rights and pro-democracy civil society.”