Budapest Pride: Shelter for LGBTIQ+ Ukrainians

A safe space for queer refugees from Ukraine in Hungary.

Budapest Pride is a feminist and anti-racist lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer (LGBTQ) organisation. It is one of the oldest Pride-organisations in Europe, and has plenty of experience with providing first-line aid to LGBTIQ+ persons in need.

Budapest Pride is providing queer refugees with host families in Budapest. In Szeszgyar, they have also opened a community center for the refugees. There they can go, drink a coffee and rest. Budapest Pride also helps (and pays for) the refugees by arranging further travel when they don’t want to stay in Hungary. They also give SIM-cards to the refugees so they can keep in contact with their peers in Ukraine that weren’t able to flee the war.

Forbidden Colours is proud to support this project financially and logistically.