Condolences for victims attack during Oslo Pride Week

An attack on our entire community

European LGBTIQ+ organisation Forbidden Colours expresses its sympathy and condolences for the Norwegian LGBTIQ+ community. Flemish director Rémy Bonny was already in contact with Oslo Pride leaders last night.

Last night, a gunman opened fire at an LGBTIQ+ club and killed two and wounded about twenty people. The motive is not yet clear, but it seems likely that the shooting is related to the organisation of Oslo Pride, which is scheduled to take place on Saturday.

“I was already in contact with the leadership of Oslo Pride this morning. They are obviously all in shock and in crisis. Fortunately, the leaders of Oslo Pride are all safe,” said Bonny.

Today, Bonny will take part in the tenth edition of Kyiv Pride, which will pass through the streets of the Polish capital Warsaw: “This Pride parade was historic for both Ukraine and Poland. The events in Oslo of course overshadow this. As the European LGBTIQ+ community, we work closely together. Just last week I was in Bulgaria with my colleagues from Oslo Pride for the Sofia Pride.”