KET Talks:

LGBTIQ+ People in Italy Under Meloni’s Far-Right Government

This week in your episode of KET Talks, Vincent Reillon and Séverine De Bruyn from Forbidden Colours discuss the situation of LGBTIQ+ people in Italy. They are joined by two representatives of Arcigay, the main LGBTIQ+ organization in the country: Roberto Muzzetta, member of the national board of Arcigay in charge of external relations and Angelica Polmonari, president of the local committee of Arcigay in Modena and chair of the Women’s committee of ILGA World.

A complex political climate for LGBTIQ+ people

Angelica and Roberto reflect on the current political situation in Italy, given the election of Giorgia Meloni from the far-right party Fratelli d’Italia. Roberto notes that there is no shift as the coalition in power only received 43% of the votes, compared to more than 50% for the progressive parties. Yet, the latter did not manage to unite ahead of the elections, opening the door for Meloni.
Despite Meloni’s long involvement with so-called ‘anti-gender’ movements – she welcomed the international convention of the World Congress of Families in Verona in 2019 – Roberto and Angelica hope that there will be limited impact of this government on LGBTIQ+ rights. Yet, they are concerned and looking for support within but also outside of the LGBTIQ+ community.
They also reflect on the rejection last year of the DDL Zan, a law that would have extended the reach of the law regarding hate speech and hate crime to include gender identity and sexual orientation.

Marriage equality and the situation of trans people in Italy

Angelica and Roberto also address the current situation regarding marriage equality in the country. The law regarding civil partnerships had been adopted in 2016 and is currently limited to same sex couples. Yet, it does not cover filiation and do not authorize adoption. There is no hope that this situation will change under the current government.

Finally, they reflect about the current situation of trans people in Italy following the sad story of Cloe Bianco, a trans teacher who happened to be bullied after coming out and who ended up taking her own life earlier this year.

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