REPORT: Anti-Rights Threats at the United Nations

On November 16th, the Political Network for Values is organizing an anti-rights and anti-democracy conference at the headquarters of the United Nations in New York. The conference focusses on establishing a transatlantic world order that scapegoats LGBTIQ+ communities and counters gender equality. 

Therefore, Forbidden Colours publishes a new report that sheds light to the ongoing anti-rights and anti-democracy initiatives at the United Nations. The report claims that the rise of these narratives and policies by state and non-state actors poses threats to the fundamental principles of human rights, such as universality. Besides that, the report also warns for a shrinking civic space for organizations defending the rights of LGBTIQ+ communities, and proposes actions to prevent this from further developing. 

While the United Nations institutions are increasingly more active on topics such as LGBTIQ+ inclusion, ultraconservative state and non-state actors are trying to advocate for a more restrictive and less universal application of fundamental international human rights principles. These forces are developing separate paths that while focussing now on LGBTIQ+ communities, have a clear goal of questioning the human rights for all. 

Rémy Bonny

Author of the report & executive director, Forbidden Colours