Home Is Not A Place: A Transformative Art Residency and Exhibition

Forbidden Colours is thrilled to announce an extraordinary collaboration with the globally- renowned artist-curator, Joseph Awuah-Darko, widely recognized by his artistic moniker, Okuntakinte. This groundbreaking project, titled “Home Is Not A Place,” seeks to raise funds to support a pivotal residency and relocation towards the production of a powerful body of work that addresses Awuah-Darko’s personal narrative intermingled with significant geo- political issues in Ghana, including current Anti-LGBTQ legislation. All of which will be exhibited within a museum-quality exhibition in the fullness of time. The artist already has works permanently within institutional collections such as The Stanley Museum of Art at the University of Iowa, The Nirox Foundation, The Josef & Anni Albers Foundation and the Schulting Art Collection.

A London-born Ghanaian, now facing persecution in his home country after recently coming out as homosexual, Awuah-Darko’s work reflects his rich cultural heritage through painful lived experience echoed in his commitment to addressing critical issues in his art. His uniquely interdisciplinary practice of painting, sculpture and tapestry combines vibrant colors, materials and dynamic forms to create pieces that provoke thought and inspire dialogue. Beyond his artistic practice, Awuah-Darko is a dedicated advocating for human rights, using his platform to highlight and challenge injustices, particularly those affecting the LGBTQIA+ community. As an ambassador for Forbidden Colours, he continues to push the boundaries of art as activism and striving to make an impact through interior landscapes.

The Purpose of Fund-Raising

The primary goal of this fund-raising initiative is multifaceted, aiming to support various critical aspects of the project:

  1. Residency Space and Relocation:
    – To provide Joseph Awuah-Darko with a conducive environment and studio space to create his body work [abstract paintings and sculpture].
  2. Museum Exhibition Preparation:
    – To facilitate the development of artworks towards a major museum exhibition. Beyond existing themes in his practice, this exhibition will possess a profound exploration of geopolitical issues in Ghana, particularly focusing on challenges posed by Anti-LGBTIQ+ legislation in the region.
  3. Material Procurement and Resources:
    – To ensure the availability of essential materials and resources necessary for the creation of these impactful works.
  4. Forbidden Colours Research:
    – To support research into Western involvement in Global South surrounding Anti-LGBTIQ+ policy making, shedding light on the broader implications of these policies.
Project Details and Impact

Joseph Awuah-Darko, in his capacity as a Forbidden Colours Ambassador and artist, will spearhead this ambitious project. The title “Home Is Not A Place” encapsulates the essence of the exhibition, reflecting on the concept of home and identity amidst political and social turmoil.

This initiative will not only produce a compelling body of work but also foster critical dialogue around the intersection of art, politics, and human rights for LGBTIQ+ people. By examining the impact of global policies on local communities, this project aims to inspire change and promote greater understanding and acceptance through the artist’s lived experience in persecution.

Call to Action

We invite art patrons and institutions, supporters of LGBTIQ+ rights, and advocates for social change to contribute to this transformative project. Your support will enable the creation of art that not only speaks to pressing issues but also drives forward the conversation around human rights and equality.

Stay tuned for more updates as we embark on this journey with Joseph Awuah-Darko, creating art that challenges, inspires, and transforms. Together, we can make a difference. Interested donors can contact Forbidden Colours’ Executive Director Rémy Bonny to what ways American Friends of Forbidden Colours can be involved.

Long-Term Vision: Art and Human Rights Advocacy

At Forbidden Colours, our collaboration with Joseph Awuah-Darko is not just about a single art residency; it is the cornerstone of a long-term vision to merge art and human rights advocacy for LGBTIQ+ people. Through this project and future initiatives, we aim to harness the transformative power of art to counter the rising tide of anti-LGBTIQ+ sentiment globally. By creating thought-provoking and socially relevant artwork, we strive to foster empathy, challenge prejudices, and inspire action. Our ultimate goal is to build a world where art serves as a powerful tool for promoting understanding, acceptance, and equality for all, regardless of their sexual orientation or gender identity.