HazteOír: Spanish Far-Right Group Challenging Global LGBTIQ+ Rights

HazteOír, a far-right Christian conservative group founded by Ignacio Arsuaga in 2001, has become a powerful force in Spain and beyond. Known for its strong opposition to LGBTIQ+ rights, this organisation has made headlines with its controversial campaigns and deep political ties.

HazteOír’s relationship with Spain’s far-right party Vox is particularly striking. Both groups share an agenda that has drawn support from influential figures and sparked significant controversy. In 2013, HazteOír expanded its reach by creating CitizenGo, a global platform promoting conservative values through online activism.

One of the most contentious moments for HazteOír was its recent bus campaign in Barcelona, which led to a €20,000 fine for transphobic messages. This is just one example of the many legal battles the organisation has faced over its aggressive stance on LGBTIQ+ issues.

Internationally, HazteOír’s influence is amplified by figures like Alexey Komov, a Russian businessman with ties to Vladimir Putin. Through CitizenGo, Komov and others collaborate to push a conservative agenda on a global scale. The funding for these activities comes from a mix of wealthy individuals and organisations, highlighting the extensive support behind HazteOír’s efforts.

The complexities and controversies surrounding HazteOír are detailed in Noah Guillou’s comprehensive research paper. This paper delves into the organisation’s strategies, its connections with far-right groups worldwide, and its impact on the fight for LGBTIQ+ rights.

To uncover the full story of HazteOír’s global influence and the challenges it poses to equality and diversity, read Noah Guillou’s in-depth analysis. This eye-opening paper is a must-read for anyone interested in understanding the far-right’s tactics and the ongoing battle for LGBTIQ+ rights.