Arc-en-Ciel Wallonie

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Supporting applicants for international protection and LGBTQI+ refugees

Forbidden Colours supports “Arc-en-Ciel Wallonie” and the 7 “Maisons Arc-en-Ciel” that it brings together in their project to highlight the participation of applicants for international protection as well as LGBTQI+ refugees in their associations through an itinerant exhibition of black and white photographs. The thirty or so pictures taken by Mireille Neuberg and visible in all the Arc-En-Ciel Houses in Wallonia until the end of 2021 will show the richness and emotion of these exchanges despite the complexity and difficulty of their individual stories. The Luxembourg artist takes her photographs in the field, during activities and moments of encounter in the Arc-en-Ciel Houses, Red Cross and Fedasil centres: photographs that bring these particular stories to life.

The aim is to make the exhibition as accessible as possible to the greatest number of people and also to use it to bring together current or potential partners, invite public authorities from each city, other LGBTQI+ associations. “Arc-en-Ciel Wallonie” will finally aim to keep the exhibition going to circulate, whether within cultural centres, the Walloon Parliament or other structures wishing to make this voice heard.

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