Jeunes et aidants proches LGBTI

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We support LGBTQI+ people, who are caretakers for members of family

Forbidden Colours supports the non-profit organisation “Jeunes et Aidants Proches” whose mission is to support LGBTQI+ people under the age of 26, who have taken on the responsibility of caring for a family member or a dependent relative following a physical/mental illness. Without support, they might forget themselves in their social and professional relationships. The health crisis we are experiencing has highlighted this precarious situation and increased the isolation of vulnerable young people, especially when they combine difficulties in assuming their identity and their role as a carer. They are more likely to experience inequality and discrimination as well as increased social isolation. The pause button on their coming out is activated until they have found the support they need to get on with their own lives.

The association has communicated to us its urgent need to create a coordination platform, an awareness raising video clip and working groups. At the same time, it is also developing a support, respite and empowerment programme for young LGBTQI+ youths and caregivers and their families.

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