Queer Refugee Committee

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Supporting asylum seekers, refugees and "undocumented" LGBTQI+ people

Forbidden Colours supports the “Queer Refugee Committee”, a platform created by the non-profit organisation “Action, Culture et Emancipation”, which aims at dialogue, interaction, constructive and participative cooperation with asylum authorities (Office des Etrangers, CGRA, Fedasil and CPAS) and associations in Belgium and abroad. It consists of people directly concerned by an asylum process (asylum seekers, refugees and “undocumented” persons) who are part of the LGBTQI+ community. Its objective is to improve the welcoming, information, integration, security and emancipation of LGBTQI+ groups with a migratory background, in an exchange of good practices on Belgian territory and internationally.

The first version of this project was launched in January 2020, under the impetus of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), with the expertise and collaboration of RainbowHouse Brussels. The extension of this project should end on 31st of December 2020 with the creation of its own associative structure so that the committee is strengthened and can function in total self-organisation and independence.

Through its permanent collaboration with other countries via inter-asbl contacts, the Queer Refugee Committee tends above all to achieve objectives in the field.

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