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100.000 LGBTIQ+ Ukrainians Are Expected To Arrive In Europe

The Russian aggression against Ukraine has shocked the entire world. About 1.4 million refugees are estimated to cross the Ukrainian border the coming months. Many of them will belong to the LGBTIQ+ community. In the past, refugee camps have proven not to be safe spaces for LGBTIQ+ persons. 

Therefore, Forbidden Colours has started a fundraising campaign to support organisations in Poland, Hungary and Romania that are welcoming LGBTIQ+ refugees the coming weeks. They will provide first-line help, such as housing. In the meantime, Forbidden Colours advocates with high-level government officials to arrange a more sustainable solution inside the European Union for these LGBTIQ+ refugees.

Through your donation, you are helping an LGBTIQ+ person to survive the cruelty of Vladimir Putin. Intelligence obtained by the Washington Post has proven that Russia has a list of Ukrainians ‘to be killed or sent to camps’ after the invasion. The lists includes LGBTIQ+ activists.