Justice For Prosperity: Platform for LGBTIQ+ Ukrainians

A safe online platform for LGBTIQ+ Ukrainians.

Forbidden Colours supports Justice For Prosperity, who created an online platform to provide reliable information to Ukrainian LGBTIQ+ refugees. Besides that, refugees could register themselves on the website, and were afterwards linked to one of the queer safe spaces for Ukrainian refugees Forbidden Colours cooperated with.

In light of the war in Ukraine conflict rainbow.whodis.org is available as a resource to the LGBTIQ+ community who need to protect themselves or find shelter. The website maintains the highest security protocols to make sure the personal data of those seeking shelter remains safe.

Justice for Prosperity brings innovations to peace and security that provide a pathway to opportunity, stability, and inclusive growth. They repurpose innovations in the Peace and Justice domain: technology protecting democracy. With experience in field operations all the way to the highest strategic political level, they work hard to make a real difference in the fight against terrorism, organised crime and subversive powers, protecting those under siege.