Kyiv Pride takes place in Warsaw

Parada Rownosci x Kyiv Pride

On Saturday 25 June, the annual Equality March will pass through Warsaw. This year, the Polish LGBTIQ+ community will walk hand in hand with the Ukrainian one. The Flemish director of Forbidden Colours, Rémy Bonny, will also actively participate in the parade.

Kyiv Pride and Parada Rownosci renamed the annual Equality March as ‘March For Peace’.

“It will be a historic Pride. LGBTIQ+ persons are at the front in Ukraine in defence of the motherland and of European ideals. Both in Ukraine and Poland, LGBTIQ+ discrimination is still widespread. So the Pride parade will be not only a march for equality and inclusion but also a parade for peace,” Rémy Bonny said.

Forbidden Colours, linked to a fund managed by the King Baudouin Foundation, helped build frontline care for LGBTIQ+ refugees from Ukraine in Poland, Hungary and Romania. Since the start of the war, Forbidden Colours, together with their partner organisations on the ground, has already helped more than 800 LGBTIQ+ refugees who could not safely enter mainstream shelters.