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Education Fundraiser

LGBTI Friendly School Ranking in Belgium

With the collected money, Forbidden Colours will finance the creation of an LGBTI Friendly School Ranking in Belgium.

The LGBTI Friendly School Ranking is an online platform where students can rate their secondary school on inclusiveness for LGBTI students.

The website’s algorithm will convert the answers into a national ranking which can be filtered by provinces and municipalities. Showing the situation in a particular school will not only facilitate the choice of a secondary school but will also stimulate discussion to improve conditions in schools amongst policymakers.

Education Fundraiser

Equality Map in Poland

In the beginning of 2021, Forbidden Colours co-financed the creation of an LGBTI Friendly School Ranking in Poland. The ranking aims to help pupils choose a safe, tolerant and open school. Owing to the website, each high school can be assessed. The results will be presented under the form of the Equality Map – with all LGBTI-friendly schools from the country. Top 10 schools in the Ranking will receive Equality Diplomas to certify their respect for human rights.

More info in Polish on

Education Fundraiser

Testimony of Fleur

Author Fleur Pierets is an LGBTIQ activist. As an artist couple, Fleur Pierets and Julian Boom had embarked on a new project in 2017: they would symbolically marry in more than 20 countries, in all places where same-sex marriage was legally possible at the time. However, Julian passed away in 2018. Fleur then wrote the book ‘Julian’, which the Flemish queer magazine ZiZo described as an “activist work of art”.
Fleur spoke to Forbidden Colours about her views on a more inclusive education.
Listen to it on Spotify or Apple Podcasts (in Dutch).
Education Fundraiser

Testimony of Joris

Joris Nitelet graduated from secondary school last year. During his time there only one teacher reacted to a homo- or transphobic comment by his classmates. After graduation, he wrote an op-ed for VRTNWS about it. Currently, Joris is studying political science at the University of Ghent and is board member of the Flemish Youth Parliament.
Joris spoke to Forbidden Colours about his time at the secondary school.
Listen to it on Spotify or Apple Podcasts (in Dutch).