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What you do speaks so loudly I cannot hear what you are saying

we take action

Since 2020 we support high-impact projects all over Europe

Lambda Warszawa: Shelter for LGBTIQ+ Ukrainians

The Polish organisation helped out 600 refugees from Ukraine fleeing the war.

2022 Polish LGBTIQ+ School Ranking

A 2022 ranking of LGBTIQ+ friendly high schools in Poland.

Budapest Pride: Shelter for LGBTIQ+ Ukrainians

A safe space for queer refugees from Ukraine in Hungary.

ACCEPT Romania: Shelter for LGBTIQ+ Ukrainians

The Romanian organisation provides first-line aid to LGBTIQ+ refugees from Ukraine.

Justice For Prosperity: Platform for LGBTIQ+ Ukrainians

A safe online platform for LGBTIQ+ Ukrainians.

Support Ukrainian LGBTIQ+ Refugees

The Russian aggression against Ukraine has shocked the entire world. About 1.4 million refugees are estimated to cross the Ukrainian border the coming months. Many of them will belong to the LGBTIQ+ community…

Budapest Pride

Hungary's biggest LGBTIQ+ organisation.In recent years, the LGBTIQ+ community came under a lot of pressure in Hungary. Since 2019, adoption by same-sex couples and the legal change of gender were banned by the Hungarian Parliament. Since July 2021, Hungarian law...

2021 Polish LGBTIQ+ School Ranking

The Ranking of LGBTQ-friendly Schools is a Poland-wide community research which helps young people to choose a safe, friendly and open school environment.

Queer Refugee Committee

Forbidden Colours supports the “Queer Refugee Committee”, a platform created by the non-profit organisation “Action, Culture et Emancipation”, which aims at dialogue, interaction …

Brave New You – Reloaded

Forbidden Colours supports “Brave New You – Reloaded”, a recent project created at “Rainbow House Brussels” and …

Forbidden Colours contributes to these projects:

Rainbow Ambassadors asbl

Rainbow Ambassadors asbl

Forbidden Colours supports Rainbow Ambassadors asbl whose aim is to give, at a national level, a voice to LGBTQI+ seniors, too often forgotten in debates and actions. ...

Who is behind
forbidden colours?

Forbidden Colours was founded by 6 friends who are part of the LGBTIQ+ community and wanted to create a serious and sustainable movement to help LGBTIQ+ people in need:
Benoit Vancauwenberghe, Didier Brouwers, Gabriel Goffoy, Gregory Hye, Olivier Onghena-‘t Hooft, Peter de Caluwe.

Forbidden Colours is the first LGBTIQ+ fund hosted by the King Baudouin Foundation, who together with the 6 founders and 3 advisers Leonie Nelissen, Rémy Bonny and Lukas Dhont select the projects we support.